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Sunday, July 31, 2005

The lazy week

Holiday started 2 days ago.. but yet i dont have anything interesting to do.. I cant even concentrate on doing my projects and homeworks.. Maybe coz not being able to play "Guild Wars". It has been two weeks since i ordered it.. T_T

Well, i always know that good stuff but cheap is kinda hard and take lonng time to get it.. good stuff but can get instantly/immediately will be much expensive.. hoepfully i can play before next week..

hmm.. despite that.. why i always learn the hard way first than the easy way come after that??

i started to learn opengl intensively a week ago. going through a lot of trial and errors.. yet few days ago i found a very easy to understand tutorials / guides that can shorten my learing xp to several days.. dem..

but yet now i know inside out of opengl which im glad that i found the easy tutorials later in my learning..

yosh.. this is for my third assignment.. without guild wars i cant imagine how can i finish it on time.. sigh...

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Worst Day Ever

Today was the worst day in my entire life. T_T
Maybe because i had my mid term exam last night.. it really turns me down.
I even "sms" my lecturer if he was free at that time yet forgotting that when i sent the "sms" he was teaching my class which im not attend.. hahaha
What a day..
Maybe later today or tomorrow if my mood tuned, i can start making my engine for assignment 3 (game app 1)..
hmm.. should i "log" my progress of development?? hmm............... ........... ....................... ........................ ..................... ...................... ....................... ....................... ...................... ........................ .............................. ........................................ ...................... naahhh... hahaha.. that is long thought... haha..


Monday, July 25, 2005

Putrajaya Hospital n Putrajaya's Govern Clinic

Ive been sick seen couple days ago. Until i cant take it anymore, so i went to putrajaya's clinic at Presint9.

I am amazed. This was the first time in my 20 years of livin i experienced fully digitalized hospital/clinic in malaysia. Show ur myKad then everything will be done through pc.. awesome. when i got my waitin card (a white card with my name and barcode at the top), i have to go to the waitin room before seeing the doctor. there, u must touch the card to a terminal, once ur name disappeared from the terminal, u wait until ur number is announced.

Time to se the doctor. Hohoho, she was lovely ^_^.. Yes, most of the doctors there are quite young.. I mean not that old.. She start the conv with, mr fadli, so u hv a fever?? im surprised.. i checked the monitor, yes it wrote that.. amazing..

im amazed once again, when she prescript me medicine, she just point and click and done..

after a while, i went to the pharmacy, once again i need to touch the terminal with my card.. this where the pharmacy's know that u r there and waitin.. couple of minutes, my name was called.. and there u go, my experience which i felt, wow, malaysia is not bad at all.. ^_^

Okay, thats that.. the only major drawback that i can found was the waitin.. one n a half hour?? hmm.. as long as it free, well... im ok with that ^_^...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Trip to gamebrains

haha.. todays trip to gamebrains was really great!!.. it really made my day.. hohoho

brett bibby (the ceo) is very straight forward in his words.. so does kevin (art director) .. well at least i know a tips n trick in this industry.. hohoho

and thanks to them my morale come back to life.. hoho.. thank you to emphasis about the GRADES.. hohhohoho

remember i said about lower the grade the more skill u will be (if u workhard on it i think).. that's now a piece of ***...hohoho...

good grade shows determination.. being able to meet due dates.. able to complete task.. fast learner and it shows on grade (cheatin sometime shows too ^_^;)..

a good grade and skillful at what u do is A..
thats though.. u dont have much time to do extra stuff but thats life... u must find a way one or another..

being in this industry u must know where u stand what skill u want to master and good at it.. and with good communication as well (im improving in that..hoopefully)

ok thats all... end

Monday, June 27, 2005


Its quite hard when u are tied with a cmopany or somebody.. same if u got a scholarship.. we r expected to shine, do better than others.. do great in studies.
but that is not entirely true for most of my colleague and lecturer..

its not about grades.. its about how much u learn and deliver.. what product did u produce..

well it pretty much proven as few of my senior are sux at grades but really good when it comes to programming or so to say develope games or softwares..


last 2 weeks we got an assignment to simulate bouncing ball.. a few guides or i can say requirements that must be fulfill.. marks are given by how much requirement u implement..

for me.. fulfilling the requirement is a must.. we talking about marks here.. the credit hours are huge.. so u dont want to mess things up.. and extra little things come second..

here we can determine who good at what.. although u not get much marks.. but u got great ideas or even creative things inside, it will be cool..

in the end.. guys like me must work twice as much.. thinkin about not screwin grades yet deliver very creative n cool ideas as well.. *sigh*


its been a while since my last post.. hohoho.. ive been busy.. (*nah)...
like i mentioned in my first post.. the blog purposes is just for my game foundation assignment.

owh about the catwoman.. i will post the finished product later.. did i mention about duration to done that?? ^_^
hoho.. < < < 48 hours.. take the "<" into account.. yes.. im not kiddin...

what will i expect of this blog afterward??

hm.. ive been thinkin it alot.. maybe just my thought about anything that i want to think ^_^..
or showing stuff that i did / will do through out my studies..

well we see about that..


Sunday, March 27, 2005

Work In Progress (5)

detailing the head is.. yes because this is the first head ive ever made....

okay, i got into a problem where the head is rendered into somethng that i dont want to.. T_T
i modeled the head using spline.. then convert it into edit mesh..
the thing is after converting.. the vertexes become much more than i expected.. see pictures..
how on earth do i want to sculpture the head afterward??? dem..

it took me several minutes in frustation to figure it out..

before edit mesh is applied..
my god looks horrible..

after edit mesh is applied..
see what i mean..
all surface covered with vertexes...

here is the head after mesh smooth being applied
how come a woman got so many scars??
i wonder myself.. hohoho

after i take a deep breath.. and go to pray.. hehe.. jadi baik kejap...
i try everything that i know or even try something new.. everything.. it is impossible for me to do everything again.. huhuhu.

so i found out something..

if u guys use spline then use surface modifier.. check the patch topology option..
mine is 5. thats is the problem.. after reduced it to 0.. everything start look like normal..

before changing the value..

after changing the value.. ^_^

below are the results of this changes..

after change the patch topology option to 0..
the surface changes more smooth.

after applying the edit mesh modifier..
the vertexes stay as it was before applying the edit mesh..
so i can scupture more detail afterward..

mesh smooth is applied to the head..
see the different??
eehh.. catwoman look like this meh??
asian catwoman wannabe..
spiderman wentto india..
catwoman flee to malaysia.. harharhar


Saturday, March 26, 2005

Work In Progress (4)

Well.. the boing boing was created recently.. hohoho.. however i have a though time to figure out the weight, shape everything...^_^; coz i donthave any.. ^_^;

here is the recent body that i made..
using sphere to shape..
then manipulate vertexes to find the right shape...
very hard!!.
noob only kot.. hohoho
now.. move on to the hardest part.. the head...
im using spline tu do the basic head..
start from the eye and mouth.. i learned basic muscle of the face only to do this one..
after that joining the two part into one..
its very hard.. sometime the vertexes justwont joint together.. i have to remodel about 20+ times to really satisfy with it.. huhuuhuhu

then comes the very ultimate difficultness (ade ker word nih?? hohoho..)
the actual extruding phase.. need to extrude line by line.. after that vertex by vertex.. and massively use full imagination to figure out where to arrange the vertexes.. huhuhu..

finally after hours of fustration and hardwork.. cewah..
took me around 8 hours alone to finish only the face!!!... 8 hours..!!!
i wonder when i could finish this project..

after this hopefully can finish the eye ears and the mask..


Head details (2)

hi again..

this time araound.. more on head details such as nose and ears..
i need to clarify this.. there are a lot of tutorials both max and maya.. but maya still ahead from others.. so sadly i put several tutorials written for maya but also can be implemented using max.. gomen gomen..
here are the tutorials...

Modelling a nose using Surface tools by David op De Beéck:
using spline to model a nose.. details..

Modeling The Nose by 3Dspline:
look like easy one.. but i wonder if it is... hmm.. tryout..

"It's all in the Eyes" - creating realistic eyes by Adam Baroody:

The Eye Ball Tutorial (maya):
very nice tutorial.. with realistic eye ball.. although using maya , most of the terms u already fimiliar with.

Creating A 3D Eye (Nurbs) by steven james (maya):
we hv no other choice to learn the tutorials for maya.. has two part.. u can find the other part url at this site..

Modeling a Human Ear by Jon McBain (maya):
also in maya though... but very neet... sori guys.. only maya..


Head details


im done doing my modeling of woman body.. but this time to create her head and details of her face..

i posted about creating heads using patches, poky and so on..
here i just want to add from that.. the datails like eyes.. mouth.. nose and ears.. or even hairs

Modelling Eyelashes by Juan Siquier:

the eyelashes createed using spline.. check it out..

Creating a humanoid mouth by David op De Beéck:

he put everything in details.. recommended

Cartoony Eye Setup in 3DSMAX By Michael B. Comet:

this site is fun to read and and its cool man..

Low-poly grass and hair by shawn.hempel:

hoho.. hair is easy to make with this site.. using alpha map to trick our eyes.. hoho
to advance modeller.. i guess.. wuite easy to understand.. got zip file tutorial as well..

ears by richard:

difficult.. yet detail ears.. however i find it irretating to make.. hoho.. for advance only..

i'll post more tutorials on this later..